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Blister packs are common for the packaging of pharmaceuticals, food, and nutraceutical products. HQ specializes in the production of blister packaging materials by aluminum foil and related laminated materials that deliver reliable barrier and sealing properties. They protect your products from moisture, oxygen, and other pollutants. Opaque blisters are also suitable for protection against UV light.

HQ provides various packaging products with different structures, which can be made into cold formed foil and lidding foils.
    1. Blister Lidding Foil
    2. Blister Lidding Foil Aluminum foil offers superior barrier properties to protect packaged contents from oxygen, moisture, and light. It can be used for heat sealing with PVC, PVDC and other plastic hard films, and it can also be used for blister packs.
    1. Cold Formed Alu Alu Foil
    2. Cold Formed Alu Alu Foil Cold formed Alu Alu foil is a type of laminated material with superior barrier properties. It features a laminated structure of PA/AL/PVC. The middle layer of aluminum protects against 100% of water vapor, oxygen, UV rays, and is especially suitable for the blister packaging of medicine. Aluminum cold forming foil helps to maintain the stability of medicines and extends their shelf life.