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We are proud to say that HQ has been providing flexible packaging products and solutions for the pharmaceutical industry for more than 45 years.

Wuxi Yangjian Huaqiang Packing Material Co., Ltd Founded in 1973, Wuxi Yangjian Huaqiang Packing Material Co. is an enterprise focused on the production of high-quality customized flexible packaging products, primarily for pharmaceutical companies. Some of our products include various laminated films and pouches, aluminum foil, laminated hard film, and so on. Today, our annual output of laminated film, pouches, and aluminum foil is 2000 tons, 100 million units, and 1000 tons respectively.

Our strength lies in our ability to provide customized flexible packaging solutions according to the requirements submitted by customers. Whether you are looking for packaging for drugs, food, or electronic components, HQ has everything needed to satisfy your demands. We offer multilayer materials for powder sachets and tablets as well as superior barrier foil for tablet blisters. The material is attractive while providing a strong laminating bond with excellent vapor and gas barrier properties.

In 2006, we built a new factory and we now own a production plant covering 2000 square meters. The cleanliness of the factory is up to degree D.

We always make use of food grade plastic film and aluminum foil as raw materials when producing customized products for our customers. We then utilize advanced automated equipment, like our rotogravure printing press, dry laminating machine, aluminum foil coating machine, slitting machine, and side sealing pouch making machine to complete all of the production processes according to the sanitary requirements of pharmaceutical and food industries.

HQ has established an excellent quality control system and has passed ISO9001:2015 certification along with ISO9001:14001 environmental management system certification. We also built a professional quality testing lab to carry out comprehensive performance tests for our finished products. We perform tensile testing, seal strength testing, puncture resistance testing, and more. Products will be delivered to our customers only after strict testing, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

Our company and production base are located at the junction of Wuxi and Suzhou, facilitating convenient transportation. We welcome you to visit our factory to learn more about how HQ can make the perfect pharmaceutical packaging products for you.

Wuxi Yangjian Huaqiang Packing Material Co., Ltd

Add.: No. 8, Area B, Yangjian Industry Zone, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province
Fax.: +86-510-88331663