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As an experienced professional manufacturer of lamination metallized film and pouches, HQ now has a yearly output of laminated films, pouches, and medicinal aluminum foil of 2000 tons, 100 million, and 1000 tons respectively.

Production of lamination metallized films

We have two high-efficiency rotogravure printing presses, which can print 9 kinds of colors at the same time, and the maximum printed width can reach up to 1350mm. The printing presses are equipped with a high-speed shooting display system, so we can ensure the high precision and definition of printed patterns. Additionally, we adopt DIC printing ink which contains no benzophenone and satisfy environmental protection requirements.

We utilzie dry lamination technology to bond different plastic films and aluminum foil together, resulting in a more effective laminated film. We have three high-efficiency dry-type lamination machines, which can be set to different laminating speed, temperature and pressure, so the laminated film product can perfectly meet every data test requirement. Solvents will fully be volatilized during the laminating process, so the residual solvents can satisfy pharmaceutical industry standards.

Here are three high speed slitting machines which allow for high precision slitting and smooth edge of composite films. The high quality composite films can be directly used on the packaging machine.

Production of aluminum foil

As for aluminum foil production, we have an aluminum foil printing and coating machine especially suited for blister lidding foil. It can print four colors on the aluminum foil front surface and coat protective agent, at the same time, this printing and coating machine can print in a single color on the back surface of the aluminum foil and coat heat sealing agent. It is worth mentioning that all of these procedures are automatically conducted by computer control system, so the production efficiency and product consistency is guaranteed.

Production of pouch

In order to satisfy the packaging requirements of different customers, we deploy 5 automated side sealing pouch making machines. With the use of side sealing pouch making machines, we can quickly produce center seal pouches and 3 side seal pouches. Upon request, we can also provide printed bags in batches, which can be directly used with fill machine and greatly improve the overall packaging efficiency.

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