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Pharmaceutical packaging materials are extremely important for the protection of medicine from the external environment during storage. Pharmaceutical packaging needs to provide stability and reliable barrier properties to protect the contents from damage caused by oxygen, light, moisture, and so on.

Pharmaceutical Packaging Solution

Engineering high barrier packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry is the core of our business. Since 1973, we have continuously overcome technical challenges in the packaging field and gained the trust of many leading pharmaceutical companies. We provide double-layer and three-layer high-performance composite materials, which are made from BOPP, LDPE, PET, VMPET, PE, AL, CPP, VMCPP, PA, PVC and so on. HQ is dedicated to the development of customized packaging material and provide some of the best preservation solutions for sensitive products.

  • Outstanding seal strength and lamination bond strength
  • Gases, moisture barrier and UV ray protection
  • Chemical resistance
  • Puncture resistance
  • Heat sealing property
  • This pharmaceutical packaging can be made into easy-tear packaging or tear-resistant packaging.
  • Blister packaging for capsules, pills and tablets
  • Packaging film for powder and granules
  • Pouches for powder, granule and liquid drugs
  • Packaging for unit dose medications

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